Called before the user in question is impersonated. Current user is false when either the system or a user from a separate authentication system authorized the impersonation. Use this to override the results of $user->canBeImpersonated() if desired.

Example usage:

$model->bindEvent('model.auth.beforeImpersonate', function (\Winter\Storm\Auth\Models\User|false $impersonator) use (\Winter\Storm\Models\Auth\User $model) { \Log::info($impersonator->full_name . ' is attempting to impersonate ' . $model->full_name);

// Ignore the results of $model->canBeImpersonated() and grant impersonation access
// return true;

// Ignore the results of $model->canBeImpersonated() and deny impersonation access
// return false;




use Event;

Event::listen('model.auth.beforeImpersonate', function () {
    // Your event listener code goes here...


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