Winter v1.1.0

Released on September 7, 2020

NOTE: This build contains a number of changes made as a part of the upgrade from Laravel 5.5 LTS to 6.x LTS, it is highly recommended that you review the upgrade guide to ensure you aren't affected.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Added new "sensitive" field widget that provides a revealable password field for forms.
  • Finished implementing the php artisan winter:util purge uploads console command that purges invalid files (Files that don't have a matching entry in system_files) and empty directories from the uploads directory. This only works on uploads stored on the local disk for now.
  • Added built in support for easy and fast resizing of images with three new Twig filters (| resize(width, height, options), | imageWidth, | imageHeight) and a new backend List column type (image). See for more information.
  • The SMTP port field in the Mail Settings page will be pre-filled with the default port depending on the encryption type selected, if it is using a standard port. Custom ports will not be overwritten.
  • Added a link to the backend in the demo theme header menu to make it easier for new users to find the backend.

API Changes

  • Added new development configuration option develop.allowDeepSymlinks which allows for symlinks at any subdirectory level when generating a public URL from a local path.
  • The System\Controllers\Settings controller now provides a formGetWidget method to retrieve the form widget used for Settings forms.
  • The default password validation rules for Backend\Models\User and Winter\Storm\Auth\Models\User have been loosened by no longer having a max length since passwords are stored in the database as hashed values and the length of the input has no effect on the length of the output.
  • winter:env will now use QUEUE_CONNECTION instead of QUEUE_DRIVER to refer to the queue connection when generating a .env file from the config files.
  • The individual composer.json files for each of the Winter Rain library components have been removed as using individual components of the Winter Rain library is no longer supported.
  • Support has been added for hasOneThrough relationships.
  • Support has been added for the eloquent.retrieved Model event that Laravel added in 5.5.2.
  • The app:name Artisan command was removed as Laravel removed it in L6 and Winter never really had a need for it.
  • Added new public static method Model::flushDuplicateCache() to flush a given model's duplicate query cache during a request lifecycle.
  • Added polyfill for the http_build_url() core PHP function.
  • Added new php artisan create:theme $code scaffolding command.
  • Added new Arr::undot() and array_undot helper methods / functions (transforms a flat, dot-notated array into a normal nested array)
  • Added new config_path() helper function.
  • Added new resolve_path() helper function that closely emulates the PHP realpath() function, but supports resolving paths for missing files and subdirectories. This is provided by the Winter\Rain\Filesystem\PathResolver helper class, which can resolve canonical paths and determine if given paths are within given directories.
  • The Winter\Storm\Database\Attach\File model now uses "fillable" attributes as opposed to "guarded" attributes to control mass assignment. If you extend the File (or the main System\Models\File) model to provide additional fields, you must now copy the "fillable" attributes to your extension and add any additional fields to this definition.
  • The Winter\Storm\Database\Attach\File model will now log exceptions when getThumb() fails in addition to generating the broken image file as the thumbnail as per existing behaviour.
  • The Winter\Storm\Html\HtmlBuilder::limit() method now considers whitespaces and line breaks to be one character, regardless of the line break type or number of spaces. This ensures a consistent result across both Windows and Linux.
  • Added File::isLocalDisk($filesystemAdapterDisk) method to check if the provided disk is using the Local Flysystem adapter. Winter\Rain\Database\Attach\File has switched it's internal method isLocalStorage() to using it, so if you are overriding that method you may be able to remove your overridden method implementation so long as your getDisk() method is returning the correct disk for your custom FileModel.
  • Removed data-browser-validate from the default controller scaffolding files as HTML5 form validation does not play nice with anything beyond the most basic forms. Also removed from the System Settings backend forms.
  • Plugin view & configuration files are now registered on protected routes even if the plugin doesn't have elevated permissions to run on those routes in order to support views and configuration being used in database migrations.
  • Added getAllPlugins() method to the System\Classes\PluginManager class to retrieve all plugins detected on the system instead of just the enabled ones.
  • Bound Illuminate\Foundation\Application to Winter\Storm\Foundation\Application in the application container to better support Laravel packages that typehint the Application class directly rather than the contract.
  • Improved handling of Rule objects when used in validation - the message() method is now used to return a fallback message (optionally translated), and there is no need to specify a validate() method anymore.
  • The winter:util set build command has been replaced with the winter:version command, which now does a more accurate build version check by comparing the Winter CMS installation files with a manifest kept on GitHub, and no longer queries the Winter CMS servers simply for the latest stable or edge build.
  • Added a unique ID to the Filter widget container to support being targeted through the AJAX framework.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability of the FieldParser when parsing fields without the type property specified.
  • Fixed issue where the QueryBuilder->remember() method did not properly support being passed DateTime instances for cache expiry.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in Build 1.0.466 where asset files were unable to be created through the CMS section.
  • Fixed issue where removing the currently sorted by column from the list's visible columns would cause an error.
  • Fixed issue where not having the GD extension loaded would cause the process to exit with an error message instead of throwing an Exception.
  • Fixed issue where non-compound use statements that were aliasing imported classes in CMS code sections (i.e. use Session as WinterSession) were no longer being included in the parsed PHP because of a bug fix in Build 1.0.468.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Build 1.0.466 where BelongsTo relationships were unable to be updated using the RelationController behavior.
  • Fixed issue where not specifying a thumbnailWidth (even when providing a thumbnailHeight) for the FileUpload FormWidget would cause it to default to 100x100.
  • Fixed issue where unlinking a HasOne or BelongsTo relationship with the RelationController would not fully clear it from the view widget being displayed.
  • Fixed issue where creating or adding a new record to a HasOne or BelongsTo relationship with the RelationController would not fully remove any existing relationship.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Build 1.0.461 where all SystemExceptions would be logged twice to the EventLog.
  • Fixed an exception that would be thrown when editing Mail Templates if any partials recorded in the database were no longer provided by the plugin due to it being removed or disabled.
  • Fixed issue where a JS exception would be thrown if attempting to load a page with tabs where the hash part of the URL contained a /.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Spanish translation.
  • Improved Russian translation.

Community Improvements

  • Added the Laravel framework dependency to each of the core modules to improve stability of existing composer installations
  • The ftp and sftp storage drivers are now included with the core.
  • The postmark mail driver is now included with the core.
  • The Winter CMS and Storm Library are now tested against both Linux and Windows, PHP versions 7.2 to 7.4, to ensure that functionality works correctly across both supported operating systems.


  • The Laravel framework has been added as a dependency to the core modules and library to improve the stability of existing Composer installations.
  • The Assetic library is no longer an external dependency as the key functionality has been absorbed by the Winter Rain library.
  • The Jenssegers/Date library is no longer an external dependency as the key functionality was included in Carbon 2.0 and Argon took over whatever small pieces were left behind.
  • The unmaintained leefo/scssphp dependency has been replaced with scssphp/scssphp
  • The unmaintained included dependency has been replaced with wikimedia/less.php

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