Winter v1.1.2

Released on March 12, 2021

NOTE: As of v1.1.2, the core maintainer team has left October CMS and forked the project into Winter CMS.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Fixed issue where the browser's number increment/decrement control would cover up the placeholder text in type: number inputs when hovered over or focused on.
  • Added ability to select the default backend locale when running the winter:install command
  • Added ability for CMS editor to auto detect which editor should be used based on file type, bringing the editor in line with the documented feature.
  • Added the List Behavior's new perPageOptions config property to the default stub for scaffolding new controllers.
  • Fix support for browser-based validation of checkboxes and radio options

API Changes

  • Added support for the {colorpicker} field in the Dynamic Syntax parser.
  • The availableColors attribute can now be specified for colorpicker type variables in the Dynamic Syntax parser.
  • Added new getRelationTypeDefinitions and getRelationTypeDefinition methods to models to query relationship definitions through methods as opposed to interacting with the relation properties directly.
  • The "Customize" button is now disabled for all themes that are not the currently active theme.
  • Added registerOwnerAlias($owner, $alias) to the NavigationManager to add aliases for given owners of registered menu items.
  • Added registerPermissionOwnerAlias($owner, $alias) to the AuthManager to add aliases for given owners of registered permissions.
  • Added registerOwnerAlias($owner, $alias) to the SettingsManager to add aliases for given owners of registered setting items.
  • Added support for using the sort_order_column property on a model implementing the Winter\Storm\Database\Behaviors\Sortable behavior to define the name of the sort order column as constants cannot be defined on classes dynamically.
  • Added ability to control the auto-detaching behavior of BelongsToMany relationships by setting detach (default true) on the relationship definition.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a duplicate AJAX call being fired when using the "Apply" or "Clear" buttons in a group filter.
  • Fixed an exception thrown on viewing or logging into the Backend when attempting to load the backend localization files of a missing theme.
  • Fixed issue where /0 would return the result from /.
  • Fixed issue where plugins with external dependencies referenced in their migration files would fail to install correctly via the plugin:install CLI command while installing normally in a web environment.
  • The listAllDirectories() method in the MediaLibrary helper now correctly excludes paths and directories that are specified in the storage ignore rules configuration.
  • Fixed issue where field options specified using a static method in the form of options: "\Path\To\Class::staticMethod" were not receiving the Form widget instance or the Field widget instance as per the documentation.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Laravel 5.7 where eager loading File relationships on PostgreSQL would fail with the message "Varchar <> Integer comparison is not allowed".
  • Fixed issue where having safeMode enabled when editing a CMS CompoundObject with different line endings from the user's browser (i.e. \r vs \r\n) would cause the safe mode protection to unnecessarily trigger (preventing any changes to non-protected properties from being saved) because the user's browser would modify the original line endings.
  • Fixed an issue with integers being used as keys for the options in the checkbox list.
  • Fixed an issue with syncing belongToMany relationships introduced in v1.1.1.
  • Fixed an issue where the user-provided password for the default admin account during winter:install was not being respected and was instead always being set to a random string of characters as if no password had been provided.
  • Fixed an issue where the ImageResizer was always provided absolute URLs instead of respecting the value of cms.linkPolicy.
  • Reverted previous fixes to the BelongsToMany relationship related to conditions and scopes being defined during detach() as they were causing more problems than they solved.
  • Added a default value of SQLite to the database options question of the winter:install command so that --no-interaction will work.
  • Fixed a breaking change in how empty route parameters with default values are handled that was introduced in v1.0.466
  • Fixed an issue where fields that use dependsOn to depend on another field that is itself dependent on other fields wouldn't be triggered when the first field was updated through the dependsOn functionality.

Security Improvements

  • Tightened up the Twig SecurityPolicy. Calling insert(), update(), delete() methods on all PHP objects are now blocked from within Twig, data modifications should not be done at the view layer. If absolutely necessary, consider firing a view event instead.
  • Added a new config value (app.trustedHosts) to protect against host header poisoning. The following values can be used: true will allow only the naked and www versions of app.url as trusted hosts, the default of false will disable the feature (except on the backend password reset flow), and finally an array of trusted host patterns.
  • Session identifiers are now invalidated on logging out instead of just flushed.

Translation Improvements

  • Improved Slovakian translation.
  • Improved Hungarian translation.
  • Improved Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Improved Dutch translation.
  • Improved French translation.

Community Improvements

  • Added a new EventFake class to provide mocking and testing services for events in unit tests.
  • Fixed the order of parameters in the docblock for the mailer.beforeAddContent event.


  • Updated Pikaday to 1.8.2
  • Updated wikimedia/less.php to ~3.0
  • PHP 8 is now supported
  • Switched back to the source repository for the wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin as Composer 2.0 support has fully arrived. Update your composer.json files to require "wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin": "~2.0.1"

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