The | app filter returns an address relative to the base URL of the website, as defined through the app.url configuration value.

The result is an absolute URL, including the domain name and protocol, to the location specified before the filter. The filter can be applied to any path.

NOTE: If an absolute URL is passed to this filter, it will be returned unmodified. Only relative URLs are turned into absolute URLs relative to the web root.

<link rel="icon" href="{{ '/favicon.ico' | app }}" />

For example, if the app.url configuration value was set to, the above example would output the following:

<link rel="icon" href="" />

It can also be used for static URLs:

<a href="{{ '/about-us' | app }}">
    About Us

The above would output:

<a href="">
    About us

The app filter is best used for static URLs within a website. For other types of linking, there may be more suitable filters available:

  • For linking to static assets outside of a theme, use the asset filter.
  • For linking to assets within a theme, use the theme filter.
  • For CMS pages, the page filter is recommended.
  • For media items, the media filter is recommended.
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