Functions prefixed with html_ perform tasks that are useful when dealing with html markup. The helper maps directly to the Html PHP class and its methods. For example:

{{ html_strip() }}

is the PHP equivalent of the following:

<?= Html::strip() ?>

NOTE: Methods in camelCase should be converted to snake_case.


Removes HTML from a string.

{{ html_strip('<strong>Hello world</strong>') }}


Limits HTML with specific length with a proper tag handling.

{{ html_limit('<p>Post content...</p>', 100) }}

To add a suffix when limit is applied, pass it as the third argument. Defaults to ....

{{ html_limit('<p>Post content...</p>', 100, '... Read more!') }}


Cleans HTML to prevent most XSS attacks.

{{ html_clean('<script>window.location = ""</script>') }}


Obfuscates an e-mail address to prevent spam-bots from sniffing it.

{{ html_email('a@b.c') }}

For example:

<a href="mailto: {{ html_email('a@b.c') | raw }}">Email me</a>

<!-- The above will output -->
<a href="mailto: &#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#x74;o&#x3a;&#97;&#64;b.&#x63;">Email me</a>
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